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Ghini Run

(Version 1.2) After 2 years in the making, one of the most eagerly anticipated QB games is finally released! Featuring 9 cars, 6 tracks, day & night stages, weather effects, and 4 different game modes, hot music and cool sounds.. and let's not forget the blinding speed that made the demo version of this game so famous! Enjoy it, because working on this game almost finished me off ;)
Download EXE (self-extractor)
Download QB45 source code


(Version 2.1) War has broken out on the Isle of Miral following the death of the king. As the four races struggle for power, there can only be death or glory!

 A fantasy strategy game I first wrote on an old 8-bit Amstrad CPC. First appeared on the PC in 2000, coded in QuickBASIC. This version has been recompiled using FreeBASIC with a few extra goodies, new for 2006. It's good fun - give it a whirl :)

Squealer TNT

(Version 1.2) A frantic, action-packed arcade blast, inspired by the 8-bit Amstrad game, Psycho Pigs UXB. There's pigs.. and there's bombs. Lots of bombs, including bouncing bombs, gas bombs, crazy-bombs, blastwave bombs.. and of course, TNT! Each bomb has a timer that ticks down from when it is first thrown.. last pig standing wins! Great fun!
Download EXE (self-extractor)
Download QB45 source code

PipEdit Beta

I wasn't sure whether to put this up here as its still largely unfinished and bugged. It does how ever have one very useful feature; it can convert GIF files to BSAVE format and also saves the GIF palette as Dash compatible file.

Labyrinth II

Source code for an unfinished project. It's not overly complex, so finishing it might be a good challenge for an intermediate programmer looking to improve their skills.


The Best QB Programming Tools





A useful prog that tells you the keyboard scan code of the key being pressed. Also reveals codes for keys in conjunction with SHIFT, ALT and CTRL


Bells, Whistles and Sound Boards. Since been superceeded by DS4QB2, but you will never get any better sound from QB in DOS than this. Allows you to play MOD files. Sounds INFINITELY better than MIDI, but not that easy to use.

CosmoX Library v2.0

Comprehensive graphics library, similar functionality to DQB but has the advantage that this is still being updated by the author. The best screen 13 library there is!

Dash v1.50

This release features loads of useful graphics handling routines, and you can choose which features you actually want, and it recompiles the library for you.

DMAPlay v5.0

The BEST .WAV player for QB and QB45, and unlike most others, this one actually works! It can handle a file of any size up to rates of 44KHz!

DirectQB 1.61

DirectQB is a complete game programming library developed to work with QuickBasic 4.5, entirely written in assembly for fast execution of your QB programs. This is without a doubt one of the most powerful, versatile libraries availible for QB45.

Direct Sound 4 QB 2

(Version 1.1 - by Nethergoth) Superb sound library. Uses Windows sound resources to take full advantage of your sound hardware, and hence no fiddly IRQ setup, etc. Plays MODs, WAVs and MP3s!

Direct Sound 4 QB++

(Version 1.2 - by Lithium) Without a doubt, the best sound library to ever to hit QB. Builds on the comprehensive features on DS4QB2 and offers much, much more.


(Version 3.20) An incredibly useful set of QB archiving routines - I used it to combine 180 sprites into a single file in Ghini Run.


A useful library manager for those of you tired of messing around with the command line.

Future Library 3.5

Another superb game programming library. Try both this and DirectQB to see which suits you best. If you want SVGA, use this instead of the SVGA libs below; MUCH simpler! This version now supports 24-bit colour!!! Simply excellent.

GS Lib v0.4

Was once the fastest graphics library availible for QuickBASIC, since surpassed by UGL. It's small, with fairly limited features compared to the likes of DQB and Future Libs. But for sheer pace, you can't touch this, and you can always combine it with another library if you need more features.


If you use PaintShop Pro (PSP) to design graphics, you can't live without this prog! It can load a 256 col PSP palette into a QB prog, and save QB palettes in PSP format. Ace!


Mouse code for including mouse pointers in your own QB programs.

New QB

It's a smaller, faster replacement for the default QB.QLB, and also contains a mouse command. Top stuff :)

Pixel Plus 256

Widely regarded as the best sprite/tile editing program available, and probably the best reason why I won't bother finishing PipEdit!

QB GIF Viewer

Allows you to view GIF files in QBasic, QB45, QBX 7.1

QMIDI v4.1

Excellent music utility for QBasic - lets you play interrupt driven MIDI files in your own programs, with no slowdown!


The one of the latest libraries to hit QB. I've not had time to check it out myself, but I've heard great things! 

SVGA libraries

Libraries by Zephyr that add SVGA resolutions up to 1280 x 1024 x 256! Also features loads of video and sprite handling routines. This is fully functional shareware and requires QB 4.5 or QBX 7.1


(Version 0.22a) Nobody is quite sure what UGL stands for, not even the creators. It could well be Ultimate Graphics Library, as this is the fastest SVGA graphics library ever to hit QB. This is probably the last release, and now includes a MOD player, much better than the BWSB library. There has to be a downside to UGL? Well, it doesn't work with Voodoo cards in SVGA. I have an nVidia card so I don't care..

XMS libraries

XMS support for QB45 and QBX. These extra commands allow you to allocate up to 2MB of extended memory for array storage, in addition to the 640K conventional.