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Top Quality Sites

My all-time fave QB site, with the possible exception of the old QB45 (Future Software). It's dedicated to QB games reviews, and is very well written. Check out the reviews of my games there!
QBasicNews is the place for the latest QB scoops, and boasts more forums than any other QB site on the 'net! QBasicNews also hosts Piptol Productions, so thats reason enough for a definite thumbs-up from me ;)
One of the biggest & best QB sites, recently reawakened following a major facelift. Pete's an enthusiastic man on a mission and the editor of QBExpress. When I'm a multimillionaire tycoon, I'll hire Pete as my Marketing Director :)
QB45 crashes back into the limelight following years of anticipation and a multi-million dollar facelift! Looks great, has huge file archive and it's all very much in the spirit of the old QB45. Hell, even a load of the old QB45 forum-goers are still around.

QBASIC / QuickBASIC Related

QBasic.Com, a very popular site and another vast QB empire. It's no longer updated unfortunately, but you can still go there and learn much. Don't forget to come back here from time to time though =)
The home of the CosmoX library has been recently revamped and is looking great. Site has a lot of potential, they just need to get a few more files up. Check it out!
Lovely Pressure - it's a QB games review site and I must admit, I'm a junkie for this kinda thing. Well written, well thought out reviews including an in-depth look at a couple of my games.
Shattered Realm Productions. Fairly new site that updates every couple of days, with regular news on some unique projects.
The QB Code Post. Excellent site where coders post code snippets, and they've just released their first 'Code Book' containing all the code posted so far. Great stuff!
Kentauri. Lachie is a rising star in the QB world, and has released more completed projects in the past few months than many QBers do during their 'career'. Well worth a look.
UltimateQB. QB tutorials, games, utilities, and more.
CoreVirusRecords :Qbasic, Music... Core Virus Records. This guy is working on a pretty funky-looking SimCity style game in QB called Zeez.
Jocke's the man! Or Beast, should I say. Always on hand to offer words of support and encouragement.. his 'Massacre' game is quite disturbing though, so I'll let him off for being an RPG fan ;-)
QBasic New Zealand. Maybe I put this up because I've always wanted to vist NZ? More likely because it's a strangely compelling, nicely designed site with some decent downloads and a forum with a warm, familiar feel..
Phatcode. Plasma's new site is a large and useful programmer's resource centre. You can even learn how to turn your duff ol' PC into an MP3 player for your car.

And The Rest..

Mad Monkey Independent games review site. Take a look if you're sick of endless commercial Quake and C&C clones. I know I am...
Download Opera Download the latest Opera web browser. Fast and powerful, it's what I use :)
BBC News, best news site this is.