"The game runs like a ROCKET"
"It's very cool- fantastically solid"
"It blew my ass away"
"Best racing game in qbasic I've ever saw!"
"In general this game was amazing"
"One of the best games I ever played for QBasic! It is an inspiration to all"


The first Ghini Run demo was released on an unsuspecting world in summer 2000, for the QB Expo, the big showcase event that year. Featuring just the Bluewater Bay track and no time limit, it went down a storm.... nobody had ever seen anything like this in QB, and nobody had ever thought it possible! a few months later, Ghini Run scooped up the highly prestigious Gaming Gold Generations Award as voted for by you, the QB public!



A second, much improved demo was released several months later, and was met with even more widespread acclaim. This demo also introduced the 2nd course, Castle Fields, packed with more eyecandy than ever before. The ghini was out of the bottle!

Why does it looks so damn good!?

Virtually all the graphics in the game have been painstakingly converted from actual photos of cars, trees, boats, etc. thus insuring maximum realism within the scope of the video mode. The barrier on Bow Falls below is actually part of the Golden Gate Bridge!


How did you do it?

Firstly, let me say this: I have no knowledge whatsoever about 3D coding! The engine was something I came up with through trial and error until it looked right. The speed is achieved through a combination of libraries, although at it's heart is Dash, one of the slower, more inefficient ones. But even with this, the speed is waay too fast and it has to be throttled on most PCs!



What the QB games review sites said:

Extracts from review at VPlanet :
"It's possible that this is the most realistic game ever released in QuickBasic, and the graphics are a really big part of that" 

"When you add up all the little things, you end up with a package that just feels nothing short of professional."

"Ghini Run looks and plays as spectacularly now as it did when the first demo version was released almost two years ago"

Extract from review at Lovely Pressure :
"Certainly one of the best QB games I've played, and one of the better scaling racers as well... definitely get this game. You probably already have."

Release: Version 1.2 Out Now!