QB Stars!

Only the very best win the prestigious QB Star award, whether it be for a program, a website, or a person. There are 3 highly coveted prizes: the Blue Star, awarded for outstanding achievement, is highly regarded and respected throughout the land! The Silver Star is awarded for  brilliance and innovation. But only the most exemplary achievers will win the elusive Gold Star award, it is truly an honour rarely bestowed!

Star winners have the right to display the award on there pages with pride! More QB Stars will be added each update.

Enhanced Creations
(Programming Team)

Inscription: "To the EC crew.. thanks for creating a future for QB"

Although this team is no longer present in the QB scene, their outstanding contribution to the QB cause cannot be overstated. They brought us Wetspot games, which were truly ground breaking at the time. And perhaps more importantly, the Direct QB programming library, which immediately revolutionised QB game programming. Even today, few libraries have come close to providing such a complete suite of routines, to the point where it was frowned upon for being so powerful!

So congratulations to the first ever Gold Star winners! Thus the standard has been set; we salute you, Sirs!

Future Software
(Programming Team/Website http://www.qb45.com)

Inscription: "For the gift of SVGA,  the dedication of Jorden Chamid"

QB programming teams come and go, but where others have fallen by the wayside, QB45.com has remained the epicentre of all things great!

As a programming team, they are most famous for the Future Library which took QB to the next level with the introduction of accessible SVGA routines. As a site, it is the largest QB file archive on the Net, still updated at regular intervals, and is one of few reasons I have stuck with QB all this time. Jorden Chamid, take a bow! Nobody will ever be a more worthy Gold Star winner!

(Website http://vplanet.cjb.net)

Inscription: "For dedication, information, and innovation"

Few have done as much to unite the QB community in recent times as the VPlanet crew. The first ever QB site dedicated to reviews of QB games? Surely it wouldn't work!? It did! With informative yet stringent reviews, and well written articles the site went from strength to strength, and still the innovations kept flowing. The QB Gaming Gold awards 2000 was a huge success, and was followed by perhaps the most ambitious QB extravaganza to date: QB Expo 2000!

So a round of applause for the VPlanet team, come and collect your Silver Star award!

Direct Sound 4 QB (DS4QB2)
(QB Library)

Inscription: "For opening doors we never thought possible"

Pioneered by Nekrophidius, perfected by Nethergoth. The DS4QB sound routines bridged the last bastion of the QB programmer: decent sound! Using a revolutionary technique, DS4QB allows QB programs to interface with Windows' sound resources, meaning that for the first time we can play MP3s, 16-bit WAV files, and MODs as they were meant to be heard!

The only thing that prevents this from receiving a gold star at present is that the technology is not yet that widely used. Without a doubt, DS4QB is set to change the face of QB sound forever. Bravo!

CosmoX 2.0
(QB Library)

Inscription: "For outstanding performance, completeness, and commitment"

History: Blue QB Star for ComoX v1.7+

With the v2.0 release of CosmoX, the library continues to go from strength to strength! Just as Creative Labs stitched up the soundcard market, Cosmosoft have created the perfect 13h library. CosmoX is now so far ahead of the competition for features, performance and versatility that nothing else even comes close, this really is the final word in 13h! 

Congratulations Cosmosoft on this Silver QB Star. Absolutely fantastic, we hope you keep up the superb work!

Master Creating
(Programming Team)

Inscription: "For riding the crest of the new wave"

Master Creating first exploded onto the QB scene with the ground-breaking RPG, Shadow of Power. Whilst the plot added little new to the genre, the game engine was solid and the graphics fantastic. It has certainly one of a few RPGs to stand out in a crowded field. Another game of note was Diamond Fighter, a modern reworking of a classic game.

The team have now moved away from QB, but still remember their roots. For pushing QB's technical boundaries to the next  level, Master Creating are awarded the first ever Blue QB Star. Good work, and good luck with your future ventures!

Super Sumo Wrestling

Inscription: "For style, quality, and undisputed fun!"

It's a cute, cartoony, lovable slap-em-up! As well as being an original concept, the game simply oozes quality throughout. The comical sprites are excellent, and it's one of the first games to successfully use the DS4QB sound library to great effect. It's a mini-masterpiece, and one day all QB games will be made this way.

Typosoft, the admired Blue QB Star is yours! Fantastic work, and may you wear it with pride!

Kunio Kun

Inscription: "For daring to try the untried"

As you may have gathered by now, I have a lot of respect for people who attempt to take QB in a different direction, and aren't afraid to try something new. Kunio Kun is the first decent game in the QB beat-em-up genre. It's not perfect, but it's was bold move to code this in QB, and has been pulled off with some considerable style.

Hyper Anime, for this 'new-wave' QB game you are honoured with the Blue QB Star! Great stuff !