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This page is dedicated to QBasic and QuickBasic programming languages. Here, you will find the best QB development tools I've come across during my web travels, and also news on my current and completed projects.

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I, Spambot


It's amazing that guys still visit the forum despite the fact I haven't updated here for quite some. One visitor who ain't so welcome though are the 'Bots, who we've been waging a war with here at Piptol Productions for quite some time. All was well for a while after Toonski shored up the the defences with some Bot-proof fencing, but seems like they've broken through and we took casualities and lost some posts in the latest brawl.

I'll keep an eye out for a new forum, but I'm reluctant to lose the posts we have. Might be the only way forward though.. :-/

Work continues on Squealer TNT2

The Internet is like money.. you don't miss it until you don't have any. So, for the past few months while I've been without a 'net connection I decided to put some more work into the ongoing development of Squealer 2 - thought you might like to see a screenie here. So now bombs bounce around the screen and collide with stuff, but the pigs just stand there and take it, unflinching.. so I guess some AI will be the next thing to do

(The explosion sprites are just placeholders from the original game until I work out how best to do them)

Kingdoms Rebuilt!

It's been a while coming, but Kingdoms finally gets a FreeBASIC makeover! So now it's a fully fledged Win32 game, the same game you know and love with a few new surprises! This version adds some new characters to help or hinder your Ablyssian adventures, there's minor graphical improvements, resampled music and faster battle sequences.


'Greatest QB Developer' contest underway !

"With the help of Lachie Dazdarian, I've decided to run a tournament to find out who the community thinks is the greatest QB game programmer / programming group of all time", writes Pete Berg of QB Express.

"The two of us have nominated the 50 top QB game developers, who we feel deserve special recognition for their contributions to the QB gaming scene. From these 50 choices, YOU are going to vote to select the greatest QB game programmer."

Our resident Pipster is delighted to have made it into the nominations stage, and celebrated with a pint of lager and a dodgy burger from a street vendor

More info over at Pete's QBasic Site

2005, and Still Alive!

Woohoo! Finally I'm back online after an extended period without a regular internet connection. Now hooked up to 1.5Mbps broadband and still in awe of download speeds. More importantly though, this month marks the 5th birthday of Piptol Productions on the web. Ah, I remember birth of the original site as if it were yesterday. And yeah, it was crap. Granted, there's not been a whole lot going on here lately, but we tick over and you'll always find kool kats on the forum. I'm still hoping to overhaul the site at some point, but I'm a busy guy these days. Patience definitely is a virtue when it comes to that one


Maybe, Just Maybe.. 

Whilst taking a short break from working on Squealer TNT 2, I started messing round drawing some sprites that I might one day use in a fighting game. This pic is a mock-up based on what I've done so far. But it's not officially a project, and haven't even thought about what language to code it in if it was. And would take ages to complete too. Would be kinda cool though...

Now let us never speak of it again


Piptol Productions Celebrates its 20,000th Visitor! 

The Date: November 5th, 2004
The Place: Piptol Productions International HQ, Buckingham Palace, London
The Event: The 20K Hit Party!

Wow, what a night *that* was! The champagne was flowing, the music pumping and a multi-million pound firework display illuminated the sky long into the small hours. Infrequent forum visitor Dan Rosen had the dubious pleasure of being our 20,000th visitor and the look of surprise/horror as he walked through the door was splashed all over the media the following day. The only low points were throwing Jocke out for vomiting in the fountain, and asking Ginger Spice Geri Halliwell to leave for being a talentless bint. But otherwise, a fun time was had by all.

Sorry you couldn't make it, I did send you an invite. You never got it? Hmm, must have got lost in the mail..


(Slightly delayed..) Bulletins Hot from QB World!

VPlanet is back, and so are the prestigious Gaming Gold Awards! More at the new URL

Is freeBASIC the 32-bit windows based future of QB? It's certainly looking that way! More info here

Ace QB Mag QBExpress is in need of submissions! Get in touch with editor Pete at his site

Piptol's Links section finally updated! Out go the freeloaders and in come some quality sites. Hurrah!



Alrighty, Let's Get This Show Back On The Road!

Lulabelle: Good Morning, Piptol Produtions International HQ.

Caller: Morning, this is Ian Hack calling from The Times. Could you comment on the rumour that Piptol has returned from his 11 month vacation?

Lulabelle: Yes he has! The world tour is over - he's looking a bit scruffy and worse for wear but happy as kid with a candy stick!

Hack: Indeed. So what's the latest? Any dirt to be dished?

Lulabelle: He's got some work to do on the site, and pick up work on Squealer 2. He's also got to learn how to program again, once he's worked out how to turn the PC on.

Hack: So can we expect any completed projects in the near future?

Lulabelle: Er, no.. but we're only a few weeks away from the 20,000th hit party!


I Don't Care If It's Herbal, I Don't Want It!

In some far-flung distant land, some twisted fiend sits in his warehouse full of herbal remedies, degrees from non-accredited universities, cosolidated debts and get rich quick books. He sits at his PC and spams my Yahoo account tirelessly, this is his sole purpose in life.

So time to say adios to Yahoo methinks. I've decided to jump on the GMail bandwagon - my new email is at the top of this page. Thanks to Dr D. for the GMail invite


Gone A-Roamin'

Just a quick update to let you know that I'm off on a world tour, so don't expect any updates for a while. Every so often the travel bug bites, I grab my backpack and head for foreign shores and new adventure!

 I'll still be checking into the forum once in a while, but I'll probably be away for at least 6 months. I have an Australian work visa so I'll be there most the time, as for the rest, well, who knows?

Until next time amigos..
Piptol - coming soon to a continent near you 


Squealer TNT Sequel Underway!

As revealed exclusively in the QBExpo2K3, the swine are heading back to town and this time in glorious 800x600 hi-colour style! Expect bigger, bolder, more explosive action and a cast of baddies that make Mr Pig look like Barney the Dinosaur!

This game marks my first foray in C++ games coding and I'm lucky to have teamed up with a highly talented artist.. (he's a bit shy though, so I don't think I can mention his name here.. you know what these artistic types are like

Updates: Projects, UGL (now with MOD player!), Links


News, Views and Clues

Ahhh, summer is here a last (for us in the northern hemisphere anyway). The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the BBQ is a-sizzlin' and you wonder why I haven't updated for a while? *rolls eyes*

Well, let's talk a look at what's up-and-coming. Big news is that QB-Expo2K3 will be going live on 11 July, organised by the V-Planet staff. Last event was 3 years ago and featured the first ever glimpse of Ghini Run (was it really so long ago? sheesh..) No QB projects for me to showcase this year, although we will be making a 'guest appearance' of sorts, so look out for that

Blitz and v1ctor have released a new version of UGL complete with sound module, certainly worth checking out. Blitz was also set to release a version with a MOD player but decided to jack it all in (again). Shame, cos it really would have been a great addition.. I was all set to give it an award, too. Oh well..

New this update: UGL (updated), Links


Squealer TNT source released 

Well here it is, the first source code nobody has asked for, but I'm releasing it anyway.

In many ways I reckon Squealer TNT has been my best game, mainly because it's what QB games are all about - simple, good clean arcade fun. I already have loads of good ideas for if I ever made a sequel, so you never know.. might not be for a while though.

So here's the code, no great surprises, and if you found it too tough then a) I throw elderberries in your general direction, and b) feel free to hack away Mr Pigs energy to something you can handle, you big wuss


Piptol Productions - what does the future hold? 

For the benefit of readers who didn't read last month's article, here's an excerpt:

"So what does the future hold for this site? Well, this will probably be the last ever update at Piptol Productions... *Gasp!*

But don't worry, because work on a completely new site is already under way! Instead of being straight QB though, it will also cover my increasing interest in C++, and I hope to keep the same great 'community' feel about it, which seems to be missing from many C++ sites I've visited. But make no mistake, the new site will continue to serve the QB world just as this one has....

... if you enjoy playing my games for their own sake rather than for the fact they were done in QB, then watch this space.. because *very* special things are afoot..."

Yeah, I know what I said about 'last update'.. but until those 'special things' become more concrete, the current site will be updated as usual.. starting by adding Jocke's site to the Links page


Piptol Productions celebrates a landmark! 

On 27-Jan-2003, the site count hit 5-figures for the first time in it's history! Although the visitor cheated by spending most of his day in front of the computer clicking refresh, we decided to overlook this so as not to ruin the festivities (ok Lachie, you're off the hook )

A great party was had by all the Piptol Production staff in celebration of this monumentous occasion (well, I got a beer out the fridge anyway)

Check out this special anniversary article, which contains important info on the future of this site:
The Ghost of Piptol Past, Present & Future



Shock as disappears! 

The domain name has expired, which is why the site will appear to be down if you follow that link. It's not, it's just that now you have to use or to get here.

 Unfortunately, a lot of people won't know that as they'll never make it this far. Webmasters, please update your links as I've already lost a lot of traffic through this :(

Bobby (Cosmosoft) originally bought the domain, but Network Solutions want a ridiculous $30 to renew it! They know where they can shove THAT


Squealer TNT Updated 

I've had a great response to this game, both from the QB and Retro communities. As usual, it always takes a few bug fixes and updates in response to feedback before I can really say I've finished development on a game and Squealer TNT has been no exception. Now v1.2 is out, I can say I'm really happy with it So I recommend everybody downloads this one, because it should be the final release.

New in this version: Improved points scoring including extra lives, funky new rafter-rocking TNT explosions, some resampled SFX.. not to mention all the stuff from the previous updates like chain-reactions and the fixed Blastwave finish!

Thanks to toonski for the 'controversial ad' shown here.. if you ever visit the forum, you'll understand what this is all about


Squealer TNT Released! 

Although running a little late for Christmas, the pigs are in town just in time to heat up your New Year! Join Wesley and friends in this all-action blast-em-up, perhaps the first QB game release of 2003!

As ever, let me have your feedback. I'd also be interested to hear if it actually works on Windows XP...

Happy Near Year people  



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