'Ghini Run

* Winner 'QB Generations Gold Award' 2001!
* Winner 'QB Arcade Game of the Year' 2002!
* Winner 'Best sound effects / sound editing' 2002!

Out now! Fill up the tank, buff the bodywork to a chromium shine and hear that V12 purrr like a kitten. It's time once again for the SHOTGUN RUN - an illegal race across several demanding courses, where every twist and turn of the track will test your nerve, not to mention suspension!

It's a driving game in the style of Outrun, and it is very, very fast. Trust me: you won't have seen anything like this before in QB!

Ghini Run is out now - if you thought the demo version was good, just wait until you see this!

Ghini Run has it's own project page here!

* Winner 'QB Strategy Game of the Year' 2002!

Out now! War has broken out on the Isle of Miral following the death of the king. As the four races struggle for power, there can only be death or glory!

A fairly simple game a first wrote on an 8-bit Amstrad CPC. This PC version has been knocking around on my hard drive for a while, and only recently have I tidied up the graphics, and added cool music and sound.


Out now! Wesley is a naughty swine, on the run from the infamous Mr Pig for running up huge debts in his casino. Battling Mr Pigs cronies in the traditional style (blowing each other to bits with bombs) with his good friend Hamlet, the stakes are raised when Mr Pig unexpectedly kidnaps Wesley's pigfriend Lulabelle!

It's a unique multiplayer arcade blast, unlike anything seen in QB. Finish a round in style and rack up those bonus points to get one step closer to the showdown win Mr Pig!



In progress: Wesley, Winston and Hamlet are back to face a new wave of Squealers-gone-bad!

This game doesn't have a proper name yet, hence the cheap logo until we work it out :)  The sequel to Squealer TNT is still in the very early stages of development, but maybe it will look a bit like this.

The game utilises the power of C++ to take Wesley and Co. into the next dimension of explosive pig action in glorious 800x600 hicolour!


Kingdoms 2  

Shelved. Nine years have passed since the Great Wars, and although peace has returned to the Isle of Miral, the Archmage Merlos is troubled by dark omens..

Fantasy wargame meets RPG in this sequel to the award-winning Kingdoms. Choose one of 4 races and battle your way through an ongoing story, making allies and enemies along the way.

Labyrinth 2

  I'm part of the EverSoft programming team, and this is our first game. Lothar of Crown Productions came up with the orignal Labyrinth which was a simple ASCII graphics game. Now it's undergone the EverSoft treatment, the graphics are much improved and it's got loads of new features! It's a kinda cool, quirky 'RPG' (in the loosest possible sense).

Note: Eversoft has now disbanded, and the game has been abandoned. If you are up to the challenge, get the source in the files section!



Shelved. I started this sprite editor as I couldn't find one that was powerful yet simple to use. The great thing about this is that it's mouse-driven, and has features like GIF to sprite conversion, sprite resizing, auto-mask saving and can handle large sprites (it was used for the Ferrari Fever demo). Well, that's the theory anyway.

Currently only about half the features work, and it's full of bugs. Please don't mail me about this as I already know! I'll finish it one day...

Release:  Beta version v0.74 out now


Ferrari Fever

Out now! Before you get too excited by the screenshot, this is only a rolling demo. It was my entry into the GFX demos section of the ill-fated Qlympics 2000. A lot of people thought it was a demo for a game I must be writing. It wasn't. But I guess it did inspire me to start Ghini Run. It looks a bit dated now, and runs too fast on anything > 233Mhz, but hey..